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Welcome to RJM Financial Management. We are a privately owned Independent Financial Planning (IFA) company offering financial planning services to both Individuals and businesses.

The core of our values is a strong belief in offering unbiased financial advice based on traditional principles of honesty, trust, professionalism, building sustained long-term relationships and Complete Independence so that we always aim to provide the best tailored solution we can to suit your circumstances. We put our clients at the centre of everything we do and create financial strategies for them that are entirely individual and independently constructed.

Using the latest technology and based on your attitude to risk, demonstrate the trade-off between the potential investment risk and reward. Different investments can be compared, taking into account the impact on your risk profile, the amounts being invested, the investment time frame and how comfortable your are with the bumpiness of the journey over the proposed investment period.

Retirement & Investment plans (current and potential alternatives) can be reviewed quickly and intuitively. Explore “what if” scenarios to help you understand the impact of different variables such as, retirement age, contributions, salary and investment risk profile will have on retirement targets. Report can be produced showing the potential benefits. Forecasts of potential outcomes of complex comparisons using simple graphics.


January 1997 - Present (24 years)

Robert John McFarlane DipPFS
Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)

Professional Qualifications

IFS Level 4 Diploma for Financial Advisers
MAQ (Mortgage Advice Qualification)
FPC1 (Financial Planning Certificate 1)
FPC2 (Financial Planning Certificate 2)
FPC3 (Financial Planning Certificate 3)

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Email: rjmfinancial@me.com